Flooded basement without using noahs jetflush waterproofing technology

NOAHS Proprietary Jet-Flush Basement Waterproofing System uses incredibly evolved technological systems to create and manifest a brilliant system which revolutionizes the way in which ordinary EVERY-DAY home owners can Waterproof their basements. Saving you money, saving you time and not to mention, saving your lawn all around.

Did we tell you it was even cheaper, not by %50 (half as much) or even %80, but by as much as %95 cheaper than ORDINARY waterproofing. What’s more, NOAHS Proprietary Jet-Flush system is guaranteed to last LONGER than traditional TAR based applications (about 3x as long even).

Furthermore, NOAHS believes in their own product so much that if even a drop of water gets into your house within 15 years of the original cleaning*, we’ll come and do it over again for FREE!

That’s right, no more digging up front lawn for weeks at a time. No more messy, harmful (unnatural) applications of TAR painting on your basement walls. No more dangerous fumes seeping through your basement walls. and Best of all NO MORE WET BASEMENTS.


* – Assuming no new cracks or breaks in the wall develop due to faulty workmanship.